Sunday, 8 December 2013

Slap Down Dat Slab Mon


     So the first really big day of construction is here. Today they will pour the slab for the lower level of the house. I was told that work would begin early. I rush out to the site at the crack of dawn.
     Look, a rainbow! This must be a really good sign.

     I wait and wait. Then wait some more. Where is everybody? I get tired of waiting and the Jeep needs gas, so I drive over to the other end of the island where the only gas station is located. I pass no one along the way. But they have to pass this way to get to our lot. Whatever.

     Back across the island I go. Just as I turn into our development look who I come up behind!

     Well it looks like the pouring will begin soon.  Soon? They've already started. How did this happen. Not only are they pumping concrete, but look at the line-up of trucks. I will learn later that a total of nine trucks made a delivery today. That's a lot of cement!

     Once I climb up above the site, I get a great view of all the action. Cement is pumped up and then flies out into the framing. It all happens pretty quickly and is very well orchestrated. Guys rake the stuff around and others smooth it out. It looks like they're icing a cake! Clearly they've done this before. They move along like a well managed team.

     Here's our trusty contractor Alex Brooks. (in the red and white striped shirt) Alex isn't one to stand around and bark orders. He gets in there and pushes concrete around with the best of them.

     The whole process takes a good part of five hours. I go to join Jim for lunch and when I return they are finishing up pouring the floor of the pool. (Actually the storage room under the pool. The pool bottom is eight or nine feet off the ground.)  What an amazing process. Really cool Mon.

     The next day, here's the dried result. Two cisterns and the first floor slab poured. 
                                                               Onward and upward!

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